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LumaPix FotoFusion Extrem... !NEW!

Yes,you are right ,Fotofusion is one of the best software to design photo books. we use this SW extensively at our photo lab to design wedding albums and I am proud to say our design center has nearly ten licensed units using day and night with no problems till date. i can not imagine my work flow with out fotofusion. Great many thanks to its developers and people like you who review such wonderful tools. Any way thanks for providing liitle more info about fotofusion.

LumaPix FotoFusion Extrem...

I guess memento-pro is the "evolution" of fotofusion, or simply what happens when you've sold all the lifetime licences you can sell, and rename your product and your company, hoping to lure more customers.

Sadly, fotofusion has been my favourite album making tool. I just don't trust them anymore with their "one-time" purchase system. They just cut support and release new versions under a different brand. An honest subscription model would've been better.

If you are a registered user of FotoFusion, you can simply email asking for a link to the final offline version of FotoFusion. Please include the email you used when you purchased. You will get a link to the final release, plus a link to a resource file that contains any clipart/frames/papers that you might have used in previous projects create with FotoFusion.

I just read that lumapix will send an email to download offline. Did it work for you? I tried to get it to work last September after using it for years and was told I had to buy MEMENTOPRO, which i did, but can't figure out how it works. Waste of money. Hope I can get Lumapix back.

Hi...I purchased the end of Program Lumapix 5 last September, have been using it successfully on my PC until a month ago, since then I can no longer open it. I failed to download the backup as recommended, so now I am hooped, 80 pages finished and not outputted and not accessible!! Who could share the backup with me via Dropbox? I would so much appreciate your help! does not answer my emails for assistance or suggestions.


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