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Killing Floor 2 Super Perk Training Download

Sneak "Special Ops Training"Through intense study and training in the art of not being seen, you've learned how to become one with the shadows. With each rank of this perk, the weight of worn armor has less of a negative effect on your ability to sneak, allowing you to better sneak in heavier armors.

Killing Floor 2 Super Perk Training Download

Once power armor has been fitted at a workbench, it can be worn immediately, even without the power armor training perk. However, without training you will suffer additional agility, perception, and weight penalties when wearing power armor. Acquiring basic power armor training (through the usually methods or those added by the integrated more ways to obtain power armor training mod) removes these extra penalties and provides additional benefits.

Finally, an Advanced PA Training perk has been added as a level 12 perk requiring 7+ END that can be selected during level up, and which provides additional benefits. The breakdown of power armor training benefits is as follows:

You can disable the Power Armor fitting requirements, allowing you to immediately wear looted power armor (provided you have the basic training perk) by going to the FWE Control Panel > FWE Settings > Power Armor. You will no longer be able to create fitted PA suits, but you can wear found power armor normally provided you have basic training.

FWE includes a re-built version of Mihoshi333's "Monster Perk's Addon for MMM" as a functional mod into FWE, even if not using MMM. This feature adds perk effects to many creatures, including super mutants, ghouls, robots, yau gaui, deathclaws, scorps, and more. Most notably, various creates now recieve the toughness perk (of which FWE has up to 5 ranks) to provide DR protection for creatures and a modified nerd rage perk to make close combat opponents real nasty as their health gets low.

If you're obsessive about making sure you've got a full clip of bullets, Rapid Reload is an easy pick for your first perk in the game. It allows you to reload any weapon 25% faster, which is super handy for shotguns and hunting rifles, since the reload times are so long. Also useful for automatic guns, which can run out of ammo at inopportune times. Actually, it's useful for every gun, and you really won't regret picking it up. 350c69d7ab


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