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Jersey Shore: Family Vacation - Season 1

The most notable difference between Seasons 1 and 2 of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation will be the vacation destination itself. Season 1 filmed at a luxe mansion in Miami, but Season 2 is taking the party to Las Vegas. Like Season 1, MTV is housing the macaroni rascals in a rented property for their trip, and they'll travel back to New Jersey to wrap up the season on the beach that started it all. Notably, Vegas is already home to two of the cast members: Pauly D and Ron. The two cast dads will enjoy a bit of a staycation while the rest of the gang comes to their fair city for another family vacay. Most likely, we'll get to see Pauly and Ron take on the roles of city ambassadors on behalf of their crew, and the good news is, this keeps Ron close to his newborn daughter, Ariana Sky.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation - Season 1

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20. While the cast rarely held back on the show, JWoww and the Situation revealed the struggles they kept off-camera during the show's initial run on an episode of the revival series, Jersey Shore family Vacation. Ahead of the cast's Italy-set fourth season, JWoww suffered a miscarriage, revealing she was a "f--king mess" during filming because of the medication she was taking to cope. The Situation, meanwhile, explained his erratic season four and season five behavior was due to withdrawals as he was struggling to get sober. 041b061a72


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