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Anna Karenina By Leo Tolstoy [VERIFIED]

Taking everything into consideration, Anna was not only to blame for her tragic and sudden death. Vronsky, her husband who did not love her, took her son away from her, and society smothering her for staying true to herself are the main reasons why she chose death. Firstly, If Anna were to have a great relationship that involved a well-developed communication style, then maybe certain issues would never have occurred. Secondly, Karenin should have followed through with his divorce papers, even if it may have ruined his role in society. By pretending to be in a relationship, where anna no longer loves him and is made clear that she loves Vronsky only makes his case look worse than to have a witness to testify his accusation of adultery was true. However, even if he were to go through with divorce papers, Karenin still punishes Anna by not allowing her to even set eyes on her son. Thirdly, Vronsky not being able to show sympathy and understanding for the woman he wants to marry, only makes Anna feel like a fool and that all of what she has done is for nothing. Lastly, society puts the cherry on top. There is no hope, but only death in anna ́s eyes.

Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy



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