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Review: ORBX NTSU Pago Pago International Airport for P3Dv4

Review: ORBX NTSU Pago Pago International Airport for P3Dv4

If you are looking for a tropical destination to fly to in Prepar3D v4, you might want to check out ORBX's NTSU Pago Pago International Airport. This scenery package covers all of American Samoa and Samoa, with 17 islands and 7 airports to explore. It also features high-quality photoreal textures, custom autogen, detailed 3D models, animated people and birds, and realistic night lighting.

[P3D P3Dv4] ORBX NTSU Pago Pago v1.15 Rip Keygen

NTSU Pago Pago International Airport is the main airport of American Samoa, located on the island of Tutuila. It has a single runway of 10,000 feet, capable of handling large jets and military aircraft. The airport is surrounded by stunning scenery, with mountains, volcanoes, coral reefs, and coconut palms. ORBX has done a great job of capturing the atmosphere and beauty of this location, with accurate and detailed buildings, vehicles, vegetation, and landmarks.

The other airports included in this package are NSFA Faleolo International Airport (the main airport of Samoa), Z08 Ofu Airport (a small airstrip on a remote island), FAQ Fitiuta Airport (another small airstrip on a volcanic island), NSFI Fagali'i Airport (a domestic airport near the capital of Samoa), NSAU Asau Airport (a former military base), and NSMA Maota Airport (a regional airport). Each airport has its own unique features and challenges, such as short runways, mountainous terrain, or crosswinds.

The scenery package also comes with a user guide that provides information about the airports, the islands, the history and culture of Samoa, and some recommended flights to try. The guide also explains how to optimize the performance and compatibility of the scenery with other ORBX products.

ORBX NTSU Pago Pago International Airport is available for purchase from ORBX Direct for $36.35 AUD (approximately $24.33 USD). It requires ORBX Global Base Pack to work properly. It is compatible with Prepar3D v1 to v5.

If you are looking for a new and exciting experience in the south pacific, ORBX NTSU Pago Pago International Airport is a scenery package that you should not miss. It offers a lot of variety and quality for a reasonable price. It will make you feel like you are flying in paradise.

One of the highlights of this scenery package is the custom Samoan HD autogen vegetation and houses. ORBX has created a realistic and immersive representation of the local flora and fauna, with different types of trees, plants, flowers, and crops. The houses are also modeled after the traditional Samoan architecture, with thatched roofs, wooden walls, and open windows. You can see the people living in these houses, doing their daily activities, such as cooking, fishing, or playing.

Another feature that adds to the realism and diversity of this scenery package is the custom Samoan static aircraft. ORBX has included several aircraft that are typical of the region, such as Polynesian Airlines, Samoa Air, Inter Island Airways, and US Coast Guard. You can see these aircraft parked at the airports, or flying in the skies. Some of them have unique liveries or designs, such as the USCG cutter with a land-able helideck.

The scenery package also has a lot of custom POI objects that enhance the visual appeal and interest of the islands. You can spot various landmarks and attractions, such as churches, schools, hotels, resorts, monuments, statues, bridges, docks, boats, ships, and more. Some of these objects are animated or have sound effects, such as the waterfalls, waves, windmills, or flags. You can also find some hidden surprises and easter eggs if you look closely. e0e6b7cb5c


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