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Faust Book Of M Download Free ##TOP##

How to Download Faust Book Of M for Free

Faust is a classic work of German literature by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. It tells the story of a scholar named Faust who makes a pact with the devil Mephistopheles in exchange for unlimited knowledge and worldly pleasures. The book is divided into two parts: Faust Part One and Faust Part Two.

Faust Book Of M Download Free

If you are interested in reading this masterpiece, you might be wondering how to download Faust Book Of M for free. There are several websites that offer free ebooks of Faust in various formats, such as PDF, EPUB, MOBI, and HTML. Here are some of the best options:

  • Project Gutenberg: Project Gutenberg is a website that provides free ebooks of public domain works. You can find both Faust Part One[^1^] and Faust Part Two[^2^] on this site, as well as other translations and adaptations of Faust. You can read the books online or download them in different formats, such as EPUB3, Kindle, Plain Text UTF-8, and more.

  • Freeditorial: Freeditorial is another website that offers free ebooks of classic and contemporary literature. You can download Faust Part One[^3^] in PDF or EPUB format on this site. You can also browse other books by Goethe or related to Faust on Freeditorial.

Downloading Faust Book Of M for free is easy and convenient with these websites. You can enjoy reading this timeless work of literature on your device of choice. However, if you want to support the author and the publishers, you can also buy a copy of Faust from online or offline bookstores.

In this article, we will give you a brief summary of Faust Part One and Faust Part Two, as well as some of the main themes and characters of the book. We will also provide some tips on how to enjoy and appreciate this complex and rich work of literature.

Faust Part One Summary

Faust Part One begins with a prologue in heaven, where the devil Mephistopheles bets with God that he can corrupt and ruin the soul of Faust, a brilliant scholar who is dissatisfied with his life and knowledge. God agrees to the wager, confident that Faust will remain faithful.

Faust decides to turn to magic to get the answers he wants about the world and summons an Earth Spirit for help, who rejects him and goes away. Faustâs academic servant, Wagner, visits him, and the two men argue about knowledge, as Wagner believes in the scholarship and value of reading that Faust now detests[^4^].

Faust then contemplates suicide, but is stopped by the sound of church bells and Easter hymns. He goes out for a walk with Wagner and meets a crowd of people who admire him for his healing skills. He also sees a black poodle following them, which he takes home with him.

The poodle turns out to be Mephistopheles in disguise, who offers Faust a deal: he will serve him in this world and grant him any wish he desires, but in return, Faust must serve him in hell after his death. Faust agrees, but only on the condition that Mephistopheles can make him feel so happy and satisfied that he would want to stop time and stay in that moment forever.

Mephistopheles then takes Faust on a series of adventures, involving magic tricks, witches, demons, and seductions. He introduces Faust to a young and innocent girl named Gretchen (also called Margarete), whom Faust falls in love with and impregnates. However, their relationship ends tragically, as Gretchenâs brother Valentin is killed by Faust in a duel, her mother dies from a sleeping potion given by Faust, and her baby is drowned by Gretchen herself. Gretchen is arrested and sentenced to death for infanticide.

Faust tries to rescue Gretchen from prison with Mephistophelesâ help, but she refuses to leave with them. She recognizes Mephistopheles as the devil and asks God for mercy. A voice from heaven announces that she is saved, while Mephistopheles declares that she is damned.

Faust Part Two Summary

Faust Part Two is much longer and more complex than Part One. It consists of five acts that span different times and places, from ancient Greece to modern Germany. It also involves many more characters and themes than Part One.

The second part begins with Faust lying unconscious on a flowery meadow, where he is healed by fairies and spirits. He wakes up with a renewed sense of life and aspiration. He then joins Mephistopheles at the imperial court of Germany, where he helps the emperor solve his financial crisis by creating paper money backed by gold buried underground.

At a masquerade ball, Faust sees a vision of Helen of Troy, the most beautiful woman in history, and falls in love with her. He asks Mephistopheles to bring her to him, but Mephistopheles says that he needs the help of another devil named Homunculus, who is an artificial human being created by Wagner.

Homunculus leads Faust and Mephistopheles to the classical world of ancient Greece, where they encounter various mythical figures and events. Faust manages to win Helenâs love and marries her. They have a son named Euphorion, who represents the ideal union of German and Greek culture. However, Euphorion dies in a tragic accident while trying to fly like Icarus.

Helen then disappears into the underworld with Euphorionâs spirit, leaving Faust heartbroken. He returns to Germany with Mephistopheles and Homunculus. There he meets an old couple named Philemon and Baucis, who live on a piece of land that Faust wants to reclaim from the sea. He orders Mep c481cea774


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