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Part 2- Outdoor Zip [UPD]

All participants must be a minimum of 10 years old, weigh between 100-250 pounds and be in good physical health. All minors (18 and under) require the presence of an adult during the Mountaintop Zip Line Tour.

Part 2- Outdoor zip

Each guest will need to fill out a waiver prior to participation. Save time at check in and complete the waiver before your visit.Your Safety is Our Top Priority!All regulations are set by the ride manufacturer, New York State and insurance carriers of Greek Peak Holdings, LLC for the safety of you and your family. We follow all NY State Covid-19 protocols including social distancing, face covering, cleaning and disinfecting. Staff and management will adhere to these regulations accordingly. Participation in Adventure Center activities is not recommended for those who are pregnant, have neck or back problems or have had a kidney transplant. Reasonable accommodations can be made for some attractions at manager discretion for participants with various disabilities.

The Adventure Center is an outdoor facility and will operate as usual in the rain and snow. However, we may be required to shut down due to high winds, ice, thunder & lightning, or other dangerous weather conditions. In the event that dangerous weather conditions occur, guests will be escorted back to the Adventure Center building to wait for conditions to improve.

This is the #1 outdoor activity in Puerto Vallarta, with more than 4,000 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor, awarded as Travelers' Choice 2022 and rated as one of the TOP 10 Experiences in Mexico!

ZipZone is a one of a kind, outdoor experience located right in the heart of Columbus, Ohio. Offering zip line tours, a tree top obstacle course, and a ground level kids park, ZipZone offers unique adventures for the whole family. Using only top of the line equipment, our highly trained staff work hard to make sure guests have a great time no matter which adventure they choose. Locally owned and operated since 2012.

As our foliage transforms into a more beautiful spectacle with each passing day, East Tennessee and the Great Smoky Mountains region have suddenly turned into one of the most scenic places in the nation to ride ziplines. Our Pigeon Forge zip line is starting to see an uptick in seasonal visitation as more and more people travel to the Smokies to experience the mountains and the great outdoors in autumn. And it just so happens that Smoky Mountain Ziplines delivers on all fronts, from breathtaking views of rugged peaks to some of the most thrilling zipline action in the area.

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Rated on Travelers' Choice 2022 as one of the TOP 10 Experiences in the world! This is the #1 outdoor activity in Cabo, with hundreds of 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor.

When it comes to the trail, you can leave the dress pants and chinos behind. Get serious about the outdoors with Activewear Bottoms. Carry it all on the trail with full-length pants like our Women's Never Stop Wearing Cargo Pant. When the weather warms up, hit the trail in slim fit ankle pants or lightweight Convertible Pants. Pair with a t-shirt and Hiking Shoes to create the perfect outfit for a day on the trail. These pants are made for rugged trails, sudden downpours, and years on the trail.

With zip line accessories there will be cases where certain components have to have the cable fed through them, as opposed to being added on after the cable is set up. Be sure to check your individual parts!

Our team of experienced Guides will capture your Zipline and Adventure Experience while you are on the course. Provide us with your email address and we will send you all the photos taken while on your adventure! Each participant that wishes to receive photos must provide a valid email address.

Screaming Eagle Zip Lines does not consider our free photos service a part of your tour package. Occasionally technical issues, weather conditions, or other problems may arise which may affect photos. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer any compensation in the case of unavailability or poor quality photos. Thankfully, these issues are rare and we always aim to provide exceptional quality photos of your experience!

Below is a simple diagram to help you use your 2-way zip correctly. You just need to make sure that both parts of the zipper are firmly seated at the bottom before inserting the free zip edge into both, then pull the top slider upwards while holding the bottom slider firmly in place to zip up the coat. You can then easily pull the bottom slider up to open the coat from the bottom. 041b061a72


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