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(Dub) 86 : Hiriluk's Cherry Blossoms And The Wi... [2021]

It took Hiriluk thirty years to complete his research, which was to create cherry blossoms that would bloom in the snow, in hopes of curing the hearts of the country's people.[34] His work was not realized until after his death when Kureha blasted the powder he created into the sky, making the falling snow resemble cherry blossoms by turning it pink.[35] For this, the people of Drum Island renamed their kingdom "Sakura Kingdom".[36]

(Dub) 86 : Hiriluk's Cherry Blossoms and the Wi...

After Wapol's defeat, Chopper went out to become a pirate.[40] But just before he left, Kureha began shooting Hiriluk's dust into the sky, causing the snow to turn pink like cherry-blossoms, thus finally accomplishing the doctor's 30-year dream at last.[35] 041b061a72


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