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On August 18, 2003, Adobe launched Adobe Audition, a digital audio workstation software that was essentially a rebranded version of Cool Edit Pro 2.1. This release did not introduce any new features to the software, but rather focused on fixing bugs and improving stability. A few months later, in May 2004, Adobe released Audition v1.5, which brought significant enhancements to the software. Some of the notable improvements were pitch correction tools, frequency space editing capabilities, a CD project view for creating audio CDs, basic video editing functions and integration with Adobe Premiere for video production, as well as several other minor tweaks and additions.

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Audition v1.5 also introduced a new file format, called SESX, which replaced the previous SES format. SESX files were XML-based and could store more information about the audio project, such as effects, envelopes and markers. However, SESX files were not backward compatible with older versions of Audition or Cool Edit Pro.

Another new feature in Audition v1.5 was the ability to edit audio in a frequency-based view, rather than a waveform view. This allowed users to manipulate specific frequency bands of the audio signal, such as removing noise or enhancing vocals. Users could also apply effects and filters to the frequency spectrum, such as equalization, compression and distortion.

Audition v1.5 also improved the integration with Adobe Premiere, a video editing software. Users could import video files into Audition and edit the audio tracks separately from the video. They could also export the audio back to Premiere with the video synchronized. This made it easier for users to create professional-quality audio for their video projects. e0e6b7cb5c


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