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Scooby Loader Download [BEST]

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Scooby Loader Download

Of course, the base game can only keep players satisfied for so long. The content of the game might be strong, but it's not exactly populated. As a result, most players decided to download some mods in order to make the game more engaging. Here are some of the best mods that can augment the experience of playing Phasmophobia.

If this game wasn't great enough as is, PC players can enhance their enjoyment even further by downloading a wealth of mods. These can do everything from improving the visuals, to adding hilarious textures that are even more fun to experience with friends. Here are some of the best Phasmophobia mods that players can check out.

In the vanilla game, tarot cards feature fitting and unnerving illustrations. However, players can flip the script and turn these tarot cards into a source of unending hilarity by downloading the Cats Tarot mod. Even if players draw a card that instantly kills them, seeing a funny cat meme moments before their demise will make for one of the most hilarious experiences they've had while playing Phasmophobia.

The Coca Cola Anime Book mod is the stupidest thing you can download for Phasmophobia, which is what makes it so brilliant. The notebook that is usually full of eerie and creepy messages gets replaced with cute anime girls, which just feels so jarring that players can't help but snicker at its sheer ludicrousness.

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Adjusted naming convention for advanced user defined downloads tosupport some Wii apps not directly used by ModMii (e.g. cIOS installers)that expect this naming format to work without WiFi(e.g. IOS56-64-v5661.wad instead of IOS56v5661.wad).

Hey I checked all the mod pages to triple check if I needed to download anything and I have everything they suggest. I haven't downloaded the programs you mentioned yet. I uninstalled openCamera in the OpenIV manager and I've had the other two downloaded. Here's the contents of the main folder. I only have one copy of the game downloaded.

@xXChefDopeyXxDon't notice anything out of place or missing in your screenshot.Download & install those .NET & Visual C++ Redistributable files I linked to (they are vital to getting it all to work) & get back to me .If you are still having trouble after that, post the contents of those 3 '.log' files ('asiloader.log', 'OpenIV.log' & 'ScripthookV.log') to Pastebin & share the links to them here

@xXChefDopeyXxHmmm? That error needs to be ruled out as the cause of you problems. You might try downloading the Visual C++ Runtime Installer (All-In-One) v56 provided by MajorGeeks here.

When you get to the MajorGeeks page, download the 'Visual C++ v56.exe' file from either of the links I've highlighted in the pic above (forget the installer version), reboot your PC & then run the file & follow the instructions in the black box that opens & it should automatically uninstall & reinstall all Visual C++ Runtimes for you. After that (probably reboot again) & then test your game. If you still have problems, paste copies of those 3 '.log' files to Pastebin & post the links here. Thanks

@xXChefDopeyXxYou need ScriptHookVDotNet (download '' from link at bottom of page) for the Portal Gun (for the versions of it I checked anyway). I don't see it in your GTA V root folder screenshot.

Post the contents of any '.log' files you find in the main GTA V root folder ('asiloader.log', 'OpenIV.log' & 'ScripthookV.log' for example) to Pastebin & share the links to them here. Thanks 041b061a72


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