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Philippine History By Teodoro Agoncillo Pdf 2021 Free

the american newspaper, the new york herald, published a proclamation on the eve of the formal start of hostilities, warning that the filipino insurgents were being funded and armed by the russian empire. the newspaper even warned of the possible use of a russian-trained force to invade the united states. yet, the united states began the 1899 war with the philippines, a poorly prepared and untested war, and were defeated.

philippine history by teodoro agoncillo pdf free

the dead american soldiers were buried in the katipunan cemetery, in honor of their heroic death in defense of their country. the katipunan leaders lost the war, and the filipino cause was doomed. they were betrayed by their own people, who had to endure the american occupation for nearly a decade and the corruption that followed. america was unable to set up a good government for the philippines in the late 1800s, and it is the philippines that continued to suffer until the american occupation ended in 1946.

it is a matter of public record that the 10th infantry fought well. the regiment was awarded the philippine campaign medal for its exploits, and the philippine independence day commission (the american government) even admitted that the 10th infantry regiment had fought well. but the american government did not award the regiment any commendation for its service. it has never been officially recognized as having fought in the philippine-american war.

if the united states lost the war in the philippines, it was because it lost the battle for the hearts and minds of the filipinos. the americans were naïve and ill-prepared, and their forays into the philippines were not aimed at winning the war but at gaining control of the archipelago. even before the invasion of the philippines, the americans had always tried to control everything and to gain total control of the filipino people.


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